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Project Description

This is GUI Level Editor for a companion Windows Phone 7 game project called Outliers (Available via: This is not the game, this is merely a level editor that makes quick work of actually adding your own custom sprites to the Outliers game project and designing massive awesome levels (again, the Outliers game source code is available via:

Outliers is a C# XNA game written for Windows Phone 7. Outliers is currently in the Windows Phone Marketplace ( and I have decided to open source the project so that others could use it as a learning tool as well as a framework to build upon. 

Also, portions of the Outliers GUI Level Editor came directly from source code freely available from Jeff Brown and therefore it falls under the MIT license for reuse and distribution.

Outliers Game Synopsis

Prepare yourself to embark on a great adventure in Outliers!

Groton, an Ex-Outlier, has just awoken from a deep lucid dream. He finds himself disoriented, irritated, and speaking with a doctor in a hospital bed. When Groton is reminded that he only has two weeks to live, the doctor suggests that Groton seeks out his old comrades. Untold adventures lie ahead!

Jump into the action as Groton and explore the world on the quest to learn about his past and the secrets of the Outliers project!

Outliers Features:
+ Over 28 Stages!
+ 10 Full Length Voice Acted Scenes!
+ Custom Environments!
+ Custom Graphics!
+ Full Parallax Side Scrolling Action!
+ Huge Levels to Explore!
+ Custom Game Music!
+ Best Of All It’s Free!

Outliers Features 4 Touch Screen Controls: 
+ Left (to move Groton left)!
+ Right (to move Groton right)!
+ Jump (to avoid foes and collect items)!
+ Focus Power (to take care of enemies)!

About the Development of the Game

I started working on the beginnings of this project in early 2012 simply working on getting aspects of a side scroller functional. Could it be improved? Absolutely! But with my limited time and sprite art skill you will notice much of the art has been reused from the Platformer Starter Kit available from Microsoft as a free download. The game is really an extension of the Platformer Starter Kit and then once I was closing in on polishing aspects of the game I used the Game State Management Starter Kit, also available from Microsoft as a free download, to add the menu functionality when the game loads. 

The levels were created by using a custom level creator solution. If you dig into the source of the levels, you will find that they are nothing more than mere .txt files with letters and numbers that map to sprite files when the levels load in game. 

The idea for the story of Outliers was mine but I asked Jarrett Minette for assistance in finalizing the major plot points. Jarrett worked diligently on getting the story finished and I really appreciate his help.

Perhaps the funnest part of making this game was recording the voices for the storyline portions. I was the voice of the character Groton and Jarrett literally performed the rest of the characters in the game. 

In July of 2012, after a fun but exhausting day of recording vocals with Jarrett, I went right to mixing and mastering the audio files included in the game and believe that the final results are great. It's not too bad for my first "storyline" game.

All of the music in the game was written and recorded by myself in late 2011 and early 2012.

Thank you and I hope you have an opportunity to dig through the code and make it your own.


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